Anonymous asked:

I play multiple instruments. Can I send in more than one recording, each from a different instrument?

Yes, you can submit as many different instrument recordings as you wish. 

When you register with the orchestra and we release the music you’ll receive parts for each of the instruments that you applied with.

Anonymous asked:

If I'm playing an oboe,do u have parts for it?

We certainly do; we create parts for all common orchestral instruments including choir (SATB) and percussion.

Anonymous asked:

Hey do you guys give away your sheet music for Sherlock songs or are they just between your members? Or did you buy them from somewhere?

Unfortunately we cannot provide sheet music to non-members. We create it by transcribing by ear from the soundtrack.

Anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering how you can join the orchestra?

This page on our blog will tell you everything you need to know about applying to the orchestra.

If you have any other questions then don’t hesitate to message us.

The Sherlock Fan Orchestra present their third piece, SHERlocked.

For this piece we received 142 submissions from 108 members, while our membership numbers have recently broken the 500 mark.

Thank you to everyone involved and to those who have supported us so far! 

Our second birthday...!

Now that the project has been running for two years, we’re celebrating with a new Twitter page, dedicated to the project, and a SoundCloud account where you can download our pieces for free! You’ll also find new mixes, such as those used for the credits in our videos.

We’ll be back soon……………!

its-sherlocks-sock asked:

Hi! I was just wondering if you had released whole orchestral scores for some of your earlier work because it's amazing and my school orchestra would really like to play some Sherlock themes and yours is one of the best out there. Any chance that we could get hold of a copy or is that a 'no way'? Whatever your response, thanks and keep on doing what you're doing! It's fantastic and I really wish I'd signed up for 'SHERlocked'! Thanks again :)

Hey there,

Unfortunately for copyright reasons we can’t give out copies of the full orchestral scores, sorry! However Michael Price has made sheet music for some of the Sherlock themes available on his website ( and has also mentioned that he is planning to publish full orchestral scores too!


Anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on filming videos of your recording? ed quality, background etc.

These are taken from our Recording Tips document:

During this process, you may think about submitting a video of yourself playing. Many have already done this by uploading a video to a site like YouTube or just attaching a file to your email reply. Whatever you do, please ensure that your submissions are sent via e-mail and not just posted to the group’s Facebook page.

If you’re submitting a video, please ensure that you:

  • Position yourself infront of a *mainly* plain background
  • Play your instrument (obviously…)
  • And have fun!

Please also submit in .avi if possible. We hope this helps!

Anonymous asked:

Hi, could you direct me to the Doctor Who fan orchestra blog? I run a blog for cello sheet music and I've been looking for good Doctor Who sheet music for forever.

The link to the blog:

Unfortunately they do not provide sheet music except to members.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering when the sheet music for SHERlocked would be coming out. It's been a quite a while since your last reply, so I was curious. Also, on an unrelated note, I think it's "Loo" Brealey, not "Lou" Brealey (in the description box). :)

Apologies for the late response - you should now have received parts, if not please email us!